We believe in multi-disciplined, multi-dimensional project planning approach. Modern community planning, urban and site design demand thoughtful balance of numerous competing elements. We develop workable plans balancing our client financial objectives with agencies’ requirements, market needs, environmental constraints, and constructability.

  • Conduct Drone surveys and aerial photography.
  • Create digital orthophotos & Topographic Maps
  • Build a Digital Surface Model
  • Develop a robust and comprehensive constraints map
  • Create a 3D planning vision united with design, construction costs and market realism
  • Ensure that the Land Use Plan is financially integrated both horizontally and vertically.
  • Site inventory and land use value optimization
  • Continuous assessment of market risks and opportunities throughout the planning process.
  • Master Plans, Specific Plans, Tentative Maps, and Zone changes.
  • Integrate envisioning and planning efforts with design and construction realities.