The entitlement process is the most critical part of creating value for the underlying land asset. We understand entitlement risk and rewards. With insightful experience, we can navigate the perils related to mapping; clearing environmental constraints and agencies ineptness while maintaining a balance between the conditions of approval and the financial Pro-forma. We will ensure early in the process that full entitlement is a question of when not if.

  • Identify entitlement stakeholders
  • Assemble entitlement team
  • Define realistic entitlement objectives
  • Identify alternative development strategies
  • Define success in terms of market and financial feasibility
  • Build & Implement a strategic community & agency engagement process.
  • Ensure full integration of technical, regulatory, and economical factors.
  • Manage competing interests and ensure timely issue solutions
  • Establish working relationships with agency staff to resolve issues and secure reasonable conditions of approval.
  • Process entitlement plans and documents
  • Obtain environmental permits
  • Secure entitlement agreements